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Prep Your Plumbing And Heating Systems For Winter

With winter approaching quickly and bringing with it colder temperatures, it’s important to understand how to operate and maintain the plumbing and heating systems in your home. Watch our short videos and learn about some simple maintenance tips you can perform to make sure your systems are running properly this season. With proper maintenance and performance checks, you can increase the efficiency and longevity of these systems.

Furnace: How to Clean and Check

  • Locate and remove furnace filter.
  • Inspect filter – if dirty and clogged continue to next step.
  • Install new filter and replace cover.
  • Cleaning the inside: remove cover.
  • Inspect inside of furnace and look for cobwebs, dust, or dirt.
  • Vacuum any dirt or debris.
  • Replace cover and your furnace will be ready to use.


Prevent Pipe Bursts

  • Locate shut-off valve (usually located at water meter).
  • Turn off shut-off valve.
  • Find where water exits faucet and open faucet completely.
  • Let water drain until released from water line.
  • Keep faucets open until temperature remains above 32℉.

If you have any questions or concerns about how to properly maintain your plumbing or heating systems, give the professionals at Dean’s a call. We will be more than happy to walk you through the proper steps or stop by your home to make sure the job has been done correctly. Our plumbing and heating specialists have the knowledge you need to handle all services!

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