Minneapolis Drain Services FAQ’s

Deans Plumbing in Minneapolis has answers for all your drain cleaning questions. If you don’t find what you are looking for below, please give us a call!

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  • Clogged Sinks, Tubs
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  • Grease Traps

Q:  I have roots in my sewer pipes, how does that happen?
  Older pipes joints shift with time and can produce hairline breaks which may allow roots to creep in. The roots, if left undisturbed, will grow and expand.  Our experts can easily take care of roots in your sewer pipes.  See our Drain Cleaning page. Call Deans to find out more!

Q:  I’m very careful about what goes down my kitchen drain, but it still clogs…why?
 Small food particles, soap residue and even lotion from your hands can build up and eventually cause a clogged drain.  Regardless of which drain in your home it is, preventive maintenance may help, such as the build-up removers that are available at any hardware store.  Be aware that they are slow acting and may not relieve the problem.  Call Dean’s, our drain experts will have even the toughest clogs flowing smoothly.

Q:  Why would a washing machine drain clog?
 Usually the culprit is the lint from the laundry.  It combines with the grease buildup from soap and causes a blockage.  Our professionals can snake the drain and unclog the pipe!  Check out our Drain Services page.

Q:  What is Water Jetting?
  Water Jetting is defined as an economical, fast method of clearing drains and sewer lines.  It is environmentally safe.  Under different amount of pressure, water strips away years of build grease, sludge, and various debris in the walls of the pipe.

Q:  Can a sump pump help prevent my basement from flooding in the spring? 
A:  It can!  See our Sump Pump Installation and Repair page!

Q:  What is a sump pump?
:  A sump pump is a type of a pump that is used to remove water, most often from the basement of a home.  Sump pumps are used for flooding in a basement.  They send the water away from the home normally to a storm drain or dry well. Sump pumps are also used in yards to control flooding outside of a home.

Q:  What do I do if the sump pump fails?
  A sump pump can fail for a number of reasons. It could be jammed or plugged by mud or debris.  The pump itself might be burned out. There could be a tripped circuit breaker.  Call Dean’s Plumbing, we offer sump pump repair, inspection and even installation if a new one is needed.

Q:  I have a clogged bathtub, what can I do to unclog it?
  There are a few things you can check with a clogged bathtub.  First is the tub pop-up stopper.  It needs to be checked to make sure it is free of hair and debris.  If it is, then the drainpipe itself is probably clogged.  You can try a plunger to see if it clears the plugged drain.  If it still clogged, you can try a chemical drain cleaner.  However, if these measures don’t clear the clog, call Dean’s Plumbing.  Our Rooter Services experts will get the job done for you!

Q:  Our main sewer line is clogged, what can we do to clear it?
  A main sewer line clog needs to be cleared with a sewer drain snake.  The drain snake is used to find and break-up the clog which will then allow the water and waste to drain out to the sewer system. Most homeowners do not own a sewer drain snake, however, Deans Plumbing has experts that can unclog your main sewer line.  Don’t wait, call today!