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Meet Our Technicians

In my last post, I mentioned that at Dean’s, we pride ourselves on the little things. Here’s another example: we know that in today’s world, people can be a little skeptical about letting strangers into their homes, and that’s why our website includes the picture and a brief bio of every one of our technicians.  When we pull up in front of your house, we want you to be completely confident that a reputable and recognizable person – who also happens to be an excellent plumber – is about to ring your doorbell.

So whether it is one of our J’s (Josh, Joe, John, John, or Justin), one of our ABC’s (Artie, Ben, Ben, Calvin, or C[k]evin), one of our T’s (Trenton or Trevor), one of our Y’s (rYan, corY, andY, or tonY), or me (Dean), you are in wonderful hands.

And if you’d like, you can even ask us about our hobbies – they are included in our bios!

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