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How To Tell If Your Sewer Drain Is Clogged

It’s bad enough to have a clogged drain or a clogged toilet, but what happens when you have a clogged sewer drain? This can be a very serious plumbing problem since the water has no place to go. How can you tell if you have a clogged sewer drain? Find out below:

flood in the bathroom

More Than One Fixture Is Clogged

If your toilet, tub, and/or shower are backed up at the same time, this is an obvious sign that you have a clogged sewer drain. You may notice it in your toilet first since this is the most direct path to the sewer and has the biggest drain line in the house.

Flush The Toilet And Water Enters The Tub

Have you ever flushed the toilet only to notice water coming up in your tub or shower? This means that the flushed water wasn’t able to go down the sewer drain and had to escape at the lowest point – which is usually the shower drain.

Check The Main Clean Out

If you ha main line clean out this is another way you can tell if the sewer drain is clogged. Remove the cap and check for any waste or water that has backed up. If water is flowing up and out of the clean out pipe or standing in the pipes, you have a main line sewer blockage.

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