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How To Hide Outdoor Wiring

Outdoor renovations that involve outdoor wiring for lighting and security are never complete until the wiring attached to these systems has been carefully and strategically hidden away from view. Wires often distract from most outdoor decorative themes and a structure’s attractiveness.

outdoor wiring

Built-in and string light power cords, for example, can become a trip and fall or tangle hazard if they run near the flooring of a porch or patio. Exposed cables that connect to alarms, motion detectors, and cameras can actually pose a security risk if a thief or vandal locates and cuts them to prevent detection.

Hiding these wires from view isn’t difficult. Homeowners can approach the problem of unsightly wires with one or more of these three simple solutions:

How to Hide Outdoor Wires

1. Special Mounting Base

A professional electrician can help you choose and secure a metal or plastic mounting base that is large and deep enough to hide all of the exposed wires outside the house near a mounted light. The electrician coils the wires secure them with a plastic tie or tape and then places the coil within the base. A box-style mounting base can also be used for pathway lights connected to underground wires.

2. Paintable Channel Raceways

In an office, a tech hides wires and cords attached to computers and other systems along the floor, walls or ceiling of a room behind special long guides that have a smooth curved or rectangular shape. Similar outdoor wire raceway options also exist that you can stain or paint to match or blend in with nearby surfaces. These options provide an inexpensive sleek and modern solution to unsightly and dangerous wiring outdoors.

3. Decorative Outdoor Cover

Many people successfully hide wires behind decorative items. For example, you might run string light wiring behind decorative porch roof molding. Manufacturers have also designed decorative boxes for hiding wires, security keypads, circuit breakers and other electrical systems. Do-it-yourself enthusiasts often build covers with faux rustic and modern decorative designs. For example, a property owner might hide wires, cables and attached systems behind or under a cover designed to look like a stone pedestal, sculpture, lighthouse, birdhouse, miniature shed or small closed door and walled entryway.

If you’re interested in remodeling your home or need assistance with exterior lighting projects, call Dean’s electricians to help. Our licensed and insured electricians can handle all electrical projects, repairs, breakers, panels, switches and outlets, along with any home wiring project.


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