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How To Clean A Garbage Disposal

Is your garbage disposal producing foul odors? There’s nothing worse than walking into your home or apartment only to be greeted with horrid smells from last night’s dinner. Most homeowners neglect to clean the garbage disposal and it can leave you holding your nose.

Cleaning a Garbage Disposal

How To Clean a Garbage Disposal:

  • Turn the unit on and run cold water.
  • Ice cubes will help to do the trick. Empty two trays of cubes into the sink and feed them into the disposal as quickly as the disposal will take them.
  • After all the ice cubes are broken up, run the cold water for a full minute.
  • If it still smells, chop up a lemon and feed it down the unit. Make sure they are small enough so the blades can deal with the peel.
  • Remember never to use drain cleaners because they can corrode the unit and cut it’s life short.

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