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Homely Space Heaters No More

We’ve talked about how heating just the small places in your home that you actually use can save you a lot of money in energy bills during the long and cold winter seasons. Either way, however, it has come to our attention that many homeowners still choose to crank up their home heating system instead up depending on “homely” space heaters that have no design appeal.

Well, homely space heaters no more! According to an article in the NY Times, “Thanks to advances in design and engineering, space heaters are earning passing marks for aesthetics, and even moderately priced models have safety and efficiency features that were rarely, if ever, seen a decade ago.”

While none of these space heaters are miraculously fireproof, they may be worth an extra look – especially as we come out of the brunt of the cold season and transition into spring.

Would you go for a space heater if it came with sleeker lines and remote controlled features? We certainly think it’s worth a shot.

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