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Don’t Pour Your Old Beauty Products Down The Drain

It’s happened to all of us – male, female, young, old we’ve all been there. Sometimes we get persuaded to buy health and beauty products from a great television or internet ad only to realize that we don’t like the product after using it. Some people will keep them in their cabinets or drawers, some will toss them in the trash and some will even pour them down the drain. But is this the best way to dispose of these potentially harmful chemicals?

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If you can’t stand clutter, you’re probably going to toss your old beauty products the moment you realize you don’t like them anymore, or have moved on to bigger and better things. This may not be the best option because thousands of health and beauty products contain harsh chemicals that can pose major health risks.

Think about where they will end up if you pour them down the drain. They’ll travel through your pipes, through wastewater treatment plants and then out into your local waterways. They might even up back in your home and in your cup or ice water! And throwing them in the trash isn’t any better.

Chemicals including BPA, camphor found in medications and lotions and DEET from bug sprays were found in dozens of landfills across the United States. So what’s the best solution for disposal? Some household hazardous waste facilities accept cosmetics, so give them a call – and think twice before you purchase your next bottle of hairspray!

At Dean’s Professional Plumbing, Heating, Air & Drains, we take pride in our environment and would hate to see it become any more polluted than it already is. Think about the potential harm in throwing things down the drain and if you need drain service or repair, we’ve got you covered!

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