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Dean’s State Fair BOGO

The Best Deal on a Stick: Dean’s State Fair BOGO

The Minnesota State Fair is back and so is Dean’s State Fair BOGO! Buy an AC and get a furnace for free! As we near the end of another Minnesota summer, if you’ve searched, “HVAC Minneapolis” even ONCE, then it’s time to call Dean’s Home Services for your free home comfort consultation. Dean’s Home Services will do a complete audit of your home heating and cooling system, making sure your needs are met.

Dean's State Fair BOGO.  Buy an AC and get a furnace for free!

Dean’s Also Has Solutions for the Dry Air in Your Home

When winter hits Minnesota so does dry air in homes. Dry air in your home can lead to a host of problems including dry skin, scratchy throats, respiratory issues, and irritated noses. These conditions typically occur in the winter months when cold air forces us to close our windows and turn on our heat. Dryness in your home also occurs in warmer summer months as the temps remain high. Most people find a humidity setting of between 30-50% to be the most comfortable.

Indoor home comfort

We’ll help you determine your home’s humidity, check the indoor air quality, and give you options that make sense for you and your home. Schedule your appointment to take advantage of this BOGO with Dean’s Home Services, give us a call at (763) 317-6599.

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