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Central Air vs. Wall Air Conditioners

There’s nothing better than returning home to a perfectly cooled home after being out in the summer heat all day. But keeping your home cool isn’t free – running air conditioners can get costly. So what’s the most cost-effective means of cooling your home – is it several wall air conditioners or one central ac system?

Air Conditioners

Energy Usage

Compared to an average wall unit, a central air conditioning system will typically use more energy. While window units typically use between 500 and 1440 watts to run, a 2.5 ton central unit will use around 3,500 watts. So if energy consumption is a major concern and you can last the whole summer with one or two window units, this might be your better option.

Installation Costs

The up-front cost and installation costs of central cooling systems are much higher than window units. Most homeowners are able to install window units themselves, and therefore are able to save when it comes to the installation process.

Which Should You Choose?

When it comes down to it, window units cost less to purchase and install but are definitely not the best choice if you plan on cooling your entire home. If you are looking to cool three or more rooms, it’s much more cost-effective and energy-efficient to have a central air conditioning system installed – not to mention it can give your home a much higher resale value. It’s also important to keep in mind that more than three window or wall ac units will likely use more energy than one central system.

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