How to Reduce Your Summer Energy Bill

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There’s nothing worse than coming in from a hot day of work to a scorching home. So we naturally crank the AC, and we plan to leave it on all day while we’re at work to avoid being uncomfortable upon returning. But just as we don’t enjoy being too hot in summer, no one likes to see the sky-rocketing utility bill at the end of each summer month.

There are so many ways around the high expenses of keeping your air conditioning running all summer long. If you prep in advance and set a plan, you’ll quickly notice lower energy bills – and you’ll be helping the environment in the process!

The Top 4 Ways to Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

1. Spend More Time on the Lowest Level of Your House

When heat rises, the coolest parts of a home are naturally on the lowest floor, such as your basement. If you have a finished basement, summer is the perfect time to spend a relaxing day inside watching a movie or hanging out with friends. Even if you do choose to run your AC, you won’t need to keep it on as long and at such a low setting.

2. Stay Away From Heat Emitting Appliances

Goodbye oven, hello grill! Many of the larger appliances take a lot of energy to run, which in turn creates a fair amount of heat. To avoid adding any additional heat to your home besides what the summer sun provides, make a conscious effort to run your appliances less.

Instead of using your oven, make a delicious summer recipe outdoors. Only run your washing machine when there’s a full load, and try hand washing small amounts of dishes instead of doing a half-full cycle on your dishwasher. 

3. Keep the Shade Drawn

We don’t want you to hide in your home (unless you want to), but keeping the blinds drawn on the side of your house that has direct sunlight hitting it will keep your house much cooler while you’re home. If you’re gone for the entire day, you can draw the blinds everywhere. This will prevent a lot of direct sunlight from entering your home. Investing in the right window treatments may seem expensive, but they can actually be one of the best ways to reduce your energy costs!

4. Turn off the AC and Opt for Fresh Air

One of the easiest ways to trim down your extra household costs in the summertime is to simply open a window! Turn off your air conditioning and crack open a few windows around your home, especially before going to sleep. You can enjoy a cool breeze at night, and if the heat becomes unbearable in the morning, you can shut the windows and switch to your air conditioning.

By implementing some of these simple strategies into your household, you will begin to cut down your summer cooling costs and your energy consumption without sacrificing your comfort. 

If your air conditioning isn’t running correctly or is in need of a tune-up, our experts at Dean’s Pro are always ready to help. From answering questions to booking an appointment, you can contact us today for some summer relief!

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