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When it Comes to Your AC, Size Matters

The size of your air conditioner isn’t something most people think about but if you’ve never had to replace your AC before, your unit could be either too big or too small from you home. The size of your home and the amount of BTU it produces is an importnat part of having the best unit for your home.

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Why is sizing your air conditioner important?

It is essential to select a correctly sized central air conditioner or the window air conditioner unit. Air conditioner models that are too big tend to be uncomfortable and cool the room too quickly without actually removing the humidity from the surrounding air. Furthermore, if the air conditioner is too small, it will definitely struggle while trying to keep the room temperatures at a level that is comfortable for you. Size is very important for both the central units and the portable also known as widow mounts air conditioners. You can enjoy the below benefits:

  1. More efficient hence less energy used
  2. Even the air temperature in every room
  3. The system does not overwork

How to size an air conditioning unit

For a window unit, the amount of heat it removes from its respective room in a single hour is indicated in British thermal units (Btu). In central air conditioners, the measurements are done in tons. A single ton is usually equivalent to twelve thousand Btu. This clearly indicates that central air conditioners are larger compared to the window units.

While sizing the air conditioner unit, the prime factor you have to consider is the square footage. Air conditioning in larger rooms requires below twenty Btu per square foot while in small rooms it requires more than twenty Btu in a single square foot. Furthermore, there are other factors affecting the size of the AC unit that you require like the climate, occupancy, and internal heat gain among others.

Dean’s Home Comfort Consultants will take care of determining what size you need and right now is a great time to have us in your home because it Dean’s back to school BOGO!

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