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Ductless Mini-Split

Ductless HVAC Mini-Split

Ductless Mini-Split Installation in Minneapolis – St. Paul, MN

Ductless Mini-splits are gaining in popularity as a choice for those who want more control over the indoor comfort of their home. Dean’s Home Services installs ductless mini-splits that allow you to control the temperatures during both the summer and winter months, in individual rooms or spaces without the need for traditional ductwork

Control the Temperature of Multiple Spaces Independently with a Single Outdoor Unit

  • Personalize your comfort with Daikin mini split multi-zone HVAC units, offering advanced air conditioning and heating.
  • All indoor units can be individually controlled.
  • The discrete, robust outdoor unit can easily be mounted onto a roof or terrace, or simply to the outside wall.

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Expert Mini-Split Installation by Dean’s Home Services

When you choose a mini-split system in Minneapolis – Saint Paul, you’ll want a professional who is knowledgeable about the product and how to install it. Contact us at Dean’s Home Services.

We have over 100 years of combined industry experience in HVAC repair, maintenance, and installation.

Your home won’t be ripped up because there are no ducts or air vents. Our technicians will expertly install it by drilling small holes in the wall. These holes allow the indoor and outdoor units to be linked by refrigerant lines.

Dean's HVAC Mini-Split

You can expect a tidy installation from Dean’s Home Services during the process. Our professionals use shoe covers to avoid tracking dirt into your home and set up drop cloths to stop messes. Once we’re finished, we’ll check your new system to make sure it’s working appropriately and that you understand how to set it.

Customer Comfort is Our #1 Priority

Your family’s health and comfort are our number one priority. We will make sure your HVAC system is operating at peak economic efficiency and check your filters and vents to reduce dust, allergens, and pollen making your home safe for your family. And if it’s time for a new one, we also offer air conditioning installation for a number of high-quality, energy-efficient models.

How a Ductless System Works

In a ductless system, there is usually one outdoor unit serving multiple indoor units mounted throughout the home.

View of ductless minisplit units with house

Refrigerant is piped from the outdoor unit through small, insulated refrigerant lines to the individual indoor units. Cool air is blown into the rooms by a fan in the individual units. Since the refrigerant lines are small, installation is generally easier than the installation of a full system with new ductwork.

Although some systems provide heating and cooling, ductless mini-split systems are usually installed for cooling and are quite efficient. 

Benefits of a Ductless AC Home Mini-split

Energy Efficiency

Mini-split systems contain some of the most sophisticated technology in the HVAC industry. The units utilize inverter technology to convert high-voltage electricity into DC voltage, allowing them to run with very little energy.

A mini-split system could also reduce your cooling bill by 30 percent, as opposed to regular air conditioning. The system is able to conserve energy because it uses compressors and fans to regulate cooling speeds.

Ductless Home Comfort

Have a room or room that is always hot? This is a major benefit of mini-split. Dean’s Home Services HVAC professionals install mini-splits in individual living spaces: garages, patios, sunrooms, attics, finished basements, and others.

Ductless mini-splits provide comfort to parts of the home without having to tear out drywall or make a giant mess.

Many slab homes lack ductwork entirely and don’t have room to have it installed. In this case, a ductless system is a necessity. In others, ductless can simply be a viable alternative.

Zoned Cooling

The zone control that ductless systems have will let you set a heating and cooling solution to your specific needs.

Mini-splits are also commonly used in conjunction with central air systems. Rooms like garages, finished basements and attic guest rooms rarely have ductwork for a central air system to connect to.

To make these rooms more usable, it’s often ideal to pair your traditional system with an individual mini-split for that room or area.

Watch How a Multi-Zone Mini-Split Works

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