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4 Surprising Things That Damage Your Plumbing

Newsflash: You may be damaging your home’s plumbing without even realizing it! That’s right — if you’re letting any of these four simple items near your drain, you may be in for a rude awakening. Or more likely, a drain clog.

4 Everyday Items to Keep Away From the Drain

  1. Hair: This is a tough one to avoid, for sure. Whether you have long hair yourself or live with someone who does, we know you’ve had to pluck that dreaded hairball from the drain more times than you’d have liked. Fact is — hair falls out in the shower. Luckily, you can install drain screens to catch it before it runs down the drain.
  2. Cooking Grease: Whatever you do, don’t dump that extra frying oil down the drain! It may go down in a liquid state, but once it cools it will harden and cake up inside your pipes — yuck!
  3. Cleaning Products: Pump the breaks on this one! Does this mean you can’t clean your shower or even yourself? No. Don’t worry. We wouldn’t jeopardize your hygiene that way. All we’re saying is, be more mindful. Harsh chemicals can corrode pipes and thick body washes can clog them.
  4. Freezing Temperatures: Okay, this one isn’t really an “item,” per se, but you can help protect your plumbing from it. How? By insulating them for the winter of course! Adding a little extra warmth can help keep your pipes from freezing and inevitably bursting.

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