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4 Spots You Keep Missing While You Are Cleaning

You know how the saying goes: A clean house is a happy house. But even cleaning gurus have some gunky places around their home. Here are four spots you’re most likely missing during your spring cleaning.

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Appliance Handles

Think of how many times a day you open the refrigerator or pour yourself a cup of coffee. Those appliance handles deserve a little attention. Start spraying them down at least once a week.

Light Fixtures

It’s not uncommon for light bulbs to load up with dust and dead bugs. Unscrew the bulbs and use a cleaning solution to wipe them clean. Five parts water and one part cleaning product will do the trick just fine.

Toilet Body

We know you clean the inside of the bowl, but what about the outside and the floor surrounding it? Start with the top of the tank and work your way around — the lid, the seat, the sides, even the wall!

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Glass and Mirrors

Go through your house and clean every mirror and anything that has a glass of straight vinegar. It may take a few more times to clean, but it’s better than using toxic chemicals.

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