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4 Signs Your Main Sewer Line is Clogged

Dealing with a clogged pipe is a bad thing. The question is: How do you know your plumbing is clogged? I have 4 signs to watch for, so you can make identifying the problem a lot easier.

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Is Your Main Sewer Line Clogged?

1. Do you hear a loud noise coming from the sink or tub?

The water is hitting the pockets and that causes bubbles to develop. That noise is going to be louder and more consistent every time a new air pocket and bubble develops.

2. Do you smell something bad?

I am talking about the smell of rotten eggs wafting from the sewer lines. You definitely have a problem if your pipes have a bad odor. A licensed plumber can come and check out your piping system — oftentimes, older pipes have a more frequent cause of this odor and will need to be repaired.

3. Does the water rise in your sink?

That means the line is clogged. You can also flush your toilet. Does water come out of the hole in the tub? You have a clog in the main line if it does.

4. Are multiple plumbing fixtures backed up?

When your main sewer line is clogged, it can back up multiple other plumbing lines also like your toilet, shower, and the kitchen sink. As the water backs up in the sewer, it spreads to the attached drain lines since the water has nowhere to drain except backward.

There are many things that can block, restrict, or damage water and sewer lines. Due to the complexity of a sewer blockage, it is often very time-consuming. Repairing and replacing typically means tearing up your property or yard, and trenchless sewer replacement to help prevent you from guessing. Dean’s Pro has the right tools and equipment to exactly diagnose your problem, leaving you headache-free.

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