4 DIY Furnace Fixes

Posted on December 20th, 2017 by Dean's Plumbing

Minneapolis Winters can get downright frigid. If your home happens to be as cold as it gets outside, there are a few quick furnace fixes you can do on your own before calling for help.

4 DIY Furnace Fixes

1. Change The Filter

If your filter is too dirty, your furnace can’t pump out clean air, warm air. It will also cause buildup in the heat exchanger, which will cause your system to run efficiently and reduce its lifespan. To prevent this, be sure to check your air filter every one to three months and change it if necessary.

2. Check Your Thermostat

Your thermostat is the control system of your furnace, and it may be the one to blame if your home is chilly! Before you call a repairman, set the thermostat to heat instead of cool — hey, you never know who was messing around with it. You can also replace the batteries, gently blow out any dust or debris, or set your thermostat to 5 degrees above room temperature.

3. Inspect Your Air Ducts

Do you notice a few cold spots in certain rooms around the house? Your furnace may be running and blowing out hot air, but there may be something blocking your air ducts, which controls the airflow. First, check that your air ducts are fully open. If some rooms are still cold, your ducts may have gaps, which is also called leaking ducts. Call a professional to find and seal all leaks.

4. Open The Gas Valve

Someone may have shut the valve during a repair or inspection. If it’s off, no gas will enter the furnace, so you won’t feel any heat. Simply find the valve handle (parallel with the gas pipe) and turn your gas valve back on.

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