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Why You Should Install a Hot/Cold Hose Bib

plumber minneapolis | Dean's Professional Plumbing, Cooling, Air & DrainsWith the weather finally warming up here in the Twin Cities, many of us will be spending more time doing outdoor activities. Whether you are starting up your spring garden or finally washing the winter ice salt off of your car, your garden hose is a warm weather essential. These are a few of the reasons why you’ll want a hot/cold hose bib in your backyard.

Benefits of a Hot/Cold Hose Bib:

  • Keep Muddy Paws Out of Your Home – We’re not the only ones spending time outside on hot days. Keep your pets clean (comfortably) by washing any mud off before they head back indoors. A hot/cold hose bib will help keep them clean without causing them to freeze.
  • Wash Your Car Better – Warm water is ideal for washing your car. The water will soap up more easily and warm water is better for washing dirt and grime off of your vehicle.
  • Keep Your Garden Clean  – After mowing the lawn or doing some gardening, there is bound to be some grass blades or dirt on your patio. Keep things neat and clean by washing it off with your hose.

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