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3 Ways To Beat The Heat This Summer!

Think about how hard your air conditioner has to work during the hottest days of summer to keep your home cool. The harder it works, the higher your utility bills and nobody likes that. See below to find out a few ways to keep cool while keeping your wallet full this summer:


  1. Keep it in the Shade: the air in a shady space is cooler than the air in direct sunlight which means that your ac unit will have a much easier time cooling shady air.
  2. Keep your Thermostat away from Light: if you place your thermostat near lamps, televisions or other heat-producing sources, it will sense the heat and cause your air conditioner to run longer.
  3. Touch the Dial to Save: remember that each degree cooler will increase your costs by around 8%. Turn it up when you leave home or when you go to sleep.

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